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Flower drum

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  Hmong drum originated in the Tang Dynasty, has a history of over one thousand years. Why the flower? Because there is no text can test, according to the old Huagu Master said, they catch up with the young generation to learn drums, drum are coated with various colorful petals, drumming, allowed to shoot down the petals, which will be superior Kung fu. Perhaps this is the drum.


  Two provinces have Xiangqian Miao drum, but Phoenix seedlings flower drum has become an independent school. It is a slow drum, drum magnificent and vigorous. According to the collection, Phoenix Miao drum pattern has one hundred a variety of.


  Miao is very fond of his drum, because it is a symbol of Miao hate love clear: Fifty-nine years of Qing Emperor Qianlong, the year 1794, in Phoenix for the center against the corrupt officials Miao, launched by the history of mass " in the Miao Minqi justice ". Kill corrupt officials in March on the way, Miao beats the drum, so many bloody Miao children face on sand, bloody battlefield; when the old Chinese death, the leadership of the Communist Party since the founding of new China, Miao will be many years before the drum beat, shared land; Republic of China reform and open policy bugle blowing Miao Shan, Miao get rid of poverty, their drummer more intensive, welcome to the guests from afar to help the construction of miao.


  Hmong drum is a dance and sports in one of the wholesome entertainment. The dance department is extremely rich, the pace of the hand very rigorous, can be roughly divided into two kinds of production and life. Production and labor, it will try to Miao people labor in the production of a variety of rough aerobics posture classification are combined into the dance. Such as: the harrowing, transplanting, threshing, man ... ... ; life is life for the content of the various beautiful minor plots into dance, tell the people: This is the face, hair, look in the mirror ... ...


  Hmong drum having four side drum, can be four. There are two drum, two people. Group dance, also can be single acting. Full tom-tom Qi Lei, the great momentum, topple the mountains and overturn the seas, a wind blowing Lin Tao, the river roar. Before some year Xiangqian two provinces border had held several large-scale Memorial " in the Miao people's uprising " activity, Phoenix Miao drum to the groups lineup, won from all parts of the country, the experts and scholars who favor. Phoenix Miao drum which has many times in the central, provincial television national programs.

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