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Tianjia old yard

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  Tianjia old yard is located in the courtyard City cormorant Bay Bridge east 200 meters, was built in the four years of Song Renzong (1045), rebuilt in the early years of Qing emperor Yong Zheng ( 1723), courtyard patio sealing wall type Tujia building, the existing more than 30 rooms, a building area of 4800 square meters, only the original size of the 1/8, is the greater Xiangxi heritage of Tujia nationality residential living fossil.


  A family of scholar is geomantic treasure ground.


  Tianjia old yard on a door, face, jade belt wrapped around the waist ( river from the ring and ), is a Feng Shui treasure. Tian Jialao yard as Tian tribe ancestral home, talented people, after the Millennium incense continuously. The patriarch Tian Chengman in the Northern Song Dynasty years has served as the Gestapo, Taifu, Taishi duty; the son of Sun Tianqi... Is famous Chinese geologist, academician of Chinese Academy of sciences. In the ancestral home, Tian were out of more than 800 elite talent, write a a family of scholars for generations, the outstanding Chinese family legend.


  His double. Institutions of higher learning


  Tianjia old yard is Tian family place to live, is to train more talents in Xiangxi. In the hospital " Tianmen College", " the White Hart. " immortal, breed numerous excellence in Xiangxi. According to legend, Tsuchiya Hideo to the north and South are heroes, Kun Du Xinwu was educated at a hospital. In 1940 July, Changsha against the middle school in order to avoid the war moved to the courtyard Tian old, former premier Zhu Rongji also in this school, became a lifelong unforgettable love.

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