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  From longevity town five kilometers, is the famous fairy Rock Red camp site. Here more than 280 meters above sea level, the park 3.5 square kilometers, located in longevity town pond village churchyard, Danxia landform, gully freely, cave in, precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs, steep mountains. Fairy rock camp red is the site of China's relatively complete preservation of the Red Army site.


  1928 field marshal Peng Dehuai launched the Pingjiang uprising, created the Chinese Red Army Fifth Army, and was rushed to Jinggangshan. Passing through the long, Longmen, fight a bloody battle with the enemy, break through a tight encirclement. A portion of the wounded will be transferred to the fairy rock. The revolutionaries are flat (original VJ District Navy deputy political commissar, in 1955 awarded the rank of lieutenant; Wu Qinmin once went to stronghold, in three years of guerrilla war. The site has retained the " Red Army checkpoints ", " Red Army Command Post ", " the big stage ", " arsenal ", " the well ", " Tibetan army hole. ". And the fairy rock " fairy paintings ", " fairy meat ", " immortal herbs ", " sunset ", " Yang male deer take the title " 40 beautiful natural scenery. Com. In 1994, Fang Zhengping old head after his death, by his wishes, his remains were buried in the Red Army camp. In 2000 the government of Pingjiang County, Yueyang City Youth Travel Agency, longevity town government jointly, will be developed into tourism, moral education in the moral education base. It is the acceptance of traditional education, enjoy the natural scenery.

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