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Guanyin Cave tour

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  A Buddism godness Guanyin cave is located in the Wulingyuan District of northeast Wulingyuan, 5 km from the district government. It is a mysterious cave, because as a Buddism godness Guanyin cave columns name. A Buddism godness Guanyin cave spacious, meanwhile, stalagmites, columns, walls, stone, stunts. The most characteristic is the inside of a first kind and true to life likeness, the stone a Buddism godness Guanyin Bodhisattva, after millions of years of natural form. A Buddism godness Guanyin tunnel is full-length 7.5 kilometers, average height of 90 meters, 30 meters wide. There is a hole in the palace, temple, mountains, rivers, and there is a hole in the hole, underground river, a canyon, Zhongnanhai and hole. A Buddism godness Guanyin cave is divided into Yingbin hall, Tang, tiger mountain, canyon, One-Line-Sky, mushroom, a Buddism godness Guanyin temple, palace garden, Zhongnanhai in 8 scenic spots, 70 spots.


  Into a Buddism godness Guanyin portal, visitors find cliff top there is a stalactite high, upper oval, like a bell, this is known as "Temple of god ". Temple bell right wall juxtaposed a plurality of delicate milk stone, like a fairy came. There is a 0.66 meters high stone white, as white skirt girl. And along the stone steps, into the " Yingbin hall " stalactites, well-proportioned, cliff with various patterns, some like the girls, some as immortal, some like a pig and sheep dog, some like the Dragon cloud ... ... Through the welcoming hall, visitors visible cliff uplift of the stalactite like an old man, a benevolent and kind countenance. The hole in a maiden meditation meditation, form a Buddism godness Guanyin Bodhisattva practices such as the Mount Putuo, it is no wonder that visitors to this landscape took " a Buddism godness Guanyin Buddha of " reputation. The next step is the treasure house, stay, immortal pavilion. Standing on the left in Xianting Yuanwang cave, the beautiful panoramic view. Heaven bridge to cross and stand as firm as a rock, Mount Putuo. The Tongtian bridge on both sides of a riot of colours, flowers, very pretty and charming. Down the ramp up, came to a cave. Hole before visible two weapon, one side lance, a eight foot spear. Into the cave and Shek Pik on a elephant. Out of the palace, temple in a riot of colours, so the hall, a root, a pile of stalactites form peculiar. Hang upside down like a great hawk spreads its wings, horizontal pressure such as Monty Python turn. Qixia palace is the highest point on the hole, here, visitors will be feeling tired. As long as you above sit, fatigue will be eliminated. Under the Qixia palace, a huge monster block before. I saw its mouth gaped, staring eyes, with the two front legs while sitting, holding himself up, like a tiger, the mighty bold. The opposite peak has several feet high stalactite resembles a human form, valiantly, full of mettle.


  Into the first day, both sides had to squeeze through, a crack depths to stretch. The cave Canyon, magnificent desolation, have no bottom. In one line of Canyon up to 120 meters high, not peaked, the narrowest place is less than 1 meters, can calls our country caverns of unique landscape. Through the first day, there was a vast hall. Hall flower everywhere, layer upon layer, numerous stalactite upright erected, such as a sword with. While the dome in a hole from the water pouring down, like a silver chain crashed into the forest. Stone forest next to a stalactite like a turtle head ear, listening to the piano the piano like spring-fed stream of kyrgyzstan ... ...


  A Buddism godness Guanyin temple hall, with all the lights on, glorious and resplendent, a very huge stalactites from the ground to the top of the hall stands. Their color, some white as jade, some yellow Canru gold. Pillars on the scraggy breast rock like Longfeng relief. The median of a 2 meters high pillars as a Buddism godness Guanyin bodhisattva. I saw her holding net bottle, sitting ryondae, visitors to display the breadth of her mind. Numerous root hang stalactites in the light as slowly as gorgeous ribbon. A Buddism godness Guanyin Bodhisattva is in front of a pool of clear spring water pool with ten growth, root length uneven stone, like the ocean to its worship, visitors to this landscape called " ocean's eighteen and a Buddism godness guanyin ".


  Into the garden, countless stalagmites, columns, uneven, row upon row of, let people see things in a blur, stunts. Along the stone down the slopes, beside the stream, a peg to hang falls from a cliff diarrhea. Go to the rock slope at the end of a Wang, clear water, 100 meters wide. Water with milk stone shapes, like many Fuqiu.

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