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Huanglong Cave boutique tour line

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  Enjoy " the best, the best in all the land of his " reputation of Huanglong Cave is located in SUOXIYU natural protection area north-east. Huanglong Cave has a total area of 100000 square meters, a total length of 11.7 kilometers. In two layer, two layer tunnel dry holes, 1 libraries, 2, 3, 4 river pool waterfall, 13 hall, 96 galleries and dozens of mountain. Now open the dragon dance, a ring River, water, flower and fruit mountain, Tianzhu street, palace, a maze of 9 groups of landscape. The aqueous solution by lime solidified by stone pillars, stone stalactites, stalagmites, whip, rocky mantle rock flag, stone curtains, stone waterfall, stone, stone beads, in different poses and with different expressions, beautiful, reason has " the hole set underground, there are other days " reputation. In 1985, the State Department of geology structure of many 70 expert investigation conclusion is: the Huanglong Cave contains a " cave science " in its entirety, the cave can be " all-round champion " the cave, the cave landscape in the world is also rare. In 1992 May, UNESCO World Heritage Committee of Sancerre and Dr Lucas on Wulingyuan scenic area after the study of praise: " Huanglong Cave is our most beautiful cave, the cave so long overcast, really incredible. " On 1993, Chinese Academy of Sciences Dean Zhou Guangzhao throughout the 15 scientists think: " all over the world, the Huanglong Cave is the largest of the standard we have ever seen, most comprehensive, most beautiful scenery of the cave. " In 1997, Huanglong Cave by the National Tourism Bureau as the Chinese fine attractions, when Huanglong Cave became the national treasure. In recent years, Chinese Beijing Chase Industrial Company Limited Holdings Huanglong Cave investment Limited by Share Ltd investment billion yuan, to further the construction of the Huanglong Cave scenic area, make its become the world cave tourist resort. In 2001, Huanglong Cave scenic spot access to the National Tourism Administration issued the first national 4A tourist attractions certificate.

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