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The magic of charm

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  Legend of the ancestor of the Chinese side Huang Di have a medical officer skills are quite good, he does not see a doctor to the needles, also do not take medicine, depending only on the water bowl, to draw characters and sing incantations, and let the patient drink, which can relieve the patient pain. The man 's name by the. " Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic, plain questions " contains: " more than Wengu of cure, but shift accuracy of gas, but by. " With this comment: " I wish to say any disease, no work needle stone. "


  Development of house in Hunan, therefore, the later having a great reputation of symbol, in his family by the originator.


  Zhang Peiren Qing Dynasty, in the " Miao Xiang chamber plexus words " set: " by the Department of sheng. Some years the school field parade, a human eye set flow, piked firm not out. Emergency department visit a blessing, but also very old woman. To bind the target in Dongying, West Ying charm has ... ... Mantra can, to life the viewer a bit far, immediately shouted out loud, sharp side in the first, the purpose of sagittal, vertical fly out of backfire, Chinese and Western interests in inches; go to her only a few inches, the survival, depending on the purpose, but intact without scars. "


  Clear < Yuanling county " contains: " Shu Rong, have the heretics, can not extraterritorial disorder, not drugs. Water a glenoid, curse of the painting, if inconsistent, patients made the concept of. Or laparotomy for detoxification, wipe with water, and people do not know the pain of wound. The Qianlong Dynasty, Kaiko Fukuyasuan, Xuan Yong Bo and Duke Lin supervised the syndrome vaccine, glory tour in. In the army pistol gun, water is recovered, life of millions of people. Group called the Holy water. "


  From these written records can be seen, of character in about 200 years ago, in the vicinity of Xiangxi was an important means of cure heal. Qing Qian uprising, even Fauconan and Lin two such famous commander, in Zheng Chao Xiangxi Miao people process, also asked folk know of witch doctor to treat the wounded.


  Of character development later, magic and seemed to be equal to anything, all local witch thing is inseparable from the rune spells. As Shen Congwen in " Yuanling man " - article said: "辰州places on the conformity of conformity of well-known, the legend and the body with the smell of miracle. " The body painting of character, to the " seven heart" and the ear and permanently blocked, or the body will not up.


  In addition, the witch doctor implementation of symbol, also cannot leave the incantation. Vampire spell is read Wen Tianxiang's " song of courage ", other healing spells are different. If people are for dogs to bite, the witch doctor is in a word of mouth a tiger, a ": one two three four five, Jin Mu fire and water soil. Man is dog bites, please land raising soil to fill. " After a spell, spit in the soil, and then open the soil at the site of injury, patients will be cured. As another example, the treatment of maternal dystocia, the spell: " please of master, master named Zhang Shangcai. Blowing five dragon and Phoenix open, female and male left early. A no liver injury, two no injury to the lung, we bysolongatime in lao. " After a spell, for pregnant women to drink the water that read a spell, can smoothly midwifery.


  In Xiangxi people, the cure disease healing force, a content, there are many, in general, in medicine developed in ancient times, these witchcraft has great market. But now, who is the rune for fans, it may be only a funny idiot in the magic. Nevertheless, as a kind of symbol has long appeared mysterious culture phenomenon, no matter later admitted it or not, it ever had had on the history of great reputation and helpful value, still also can exist forever.

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