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Scenic Pearl Zhangjiajie

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  Scenic Pearl zhangjiajie national Forest Park is located in Hunan province zhangjiajie city 30 kilometers north of the city, East Concord, Suoxi Yu is south and the settlement of soil, sand, and Yu Creek, Xinglong, west of Lake adjacent circles, and the adjacent North, a total area of 130 square kilometers, the highest peak in the Wang Yue peak 1264.5 meters above sea level. zhangjiajie national Forest Park of natural scenery with peak to valley surprise, Xianyou, with Lin see Yu, with water show. The territory of peak rocks risks, Ami, Xiu Lin Bi, lush forests. A male, singular, show, quiet, wild in one, the peak, valley, gully, forest, water as an. Meanwhile, peak column more than 2000, peak wall covering, green plexus. Many stone such as people like beasts, such as device such as, lifelike image, spectacular momentum. The peaks, streams Chan Chan, deep valleys, trees luxuriant and well-spaced.


  According to geologists study, Zhangjiajie national Forest Park is the cause of quartz sandstone peaks: as early as 440000000 years ago, here for the long term exposed surface, suffered denudation. From 380000000 to 180000000 years, here mainly in northwestern Hunan crust subsidence, occurrence of sea dip, become a world of waters. Zhangjiajie is in wide coastal zone, deposited by water transport during much of the loose silica ( quartz ), the thickness of up to 500 meters. It is pure, particle uniformity, constitute the material basis of quartz sandstone peaks. In 180000000 ~140000000 years after the Yanshan orogeny in the role, northwest of Hunan large crustal uplift, the sea retreat, forming a wide slow open fold land. Zhangjiajie is located in the Sangzhi synclinorium are constructed of three official Temple near the axis of the syncline, south side, most of the Devonian quartz sandstone exposed area. The quartz sandstone rock occurrence flat, not easy to slip, quartz sandstone peaks form provided favorable conditions. After the Himalaya tectonic movement, isostatic equilibrium constant uplift, forcing the crustal rock fracture. The rupture in the relative position did not cause the rock was moved, and the North East, North West 30°to 310° ~ 330 °, things to the three group of force direction of the vertical joints to restrict, control not only of the Zhangjiajie peaks of development, created a geometric and angular pinnacle, and control the gullies and gully development direction, is Zhangjiajie sandstone forest landscape formation geological environment and tectonic conditions. In addition, with the help of thousands of years, flowing water, deep lateral erosion and gravity and biological function of the whole, so that the original quartz sandstone is decomposed into millions of gullies. Larger plots of land called Katayama ( such as Huangshi walled walled walled sheep, kidney, etc.); two gully between into a stone wall, called Ling, such as knife ridge; stone is further etching and become more than 3000 steep, pillars, Zhangjiajie unique sandstone forest Canyon landscape.

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