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Winter in Zhangjiajie

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  zhangjiajie three thousand peaks, eight hundred silk, with " male, odd, insurance, elegant, quiet " 5 words to sum up, the public has long been recognized. zhangjiajie's landscape, it is the scenery of the classic; tour of zhangjiajie, has become the life dream and blessing. Look at Zhangjiajie, is four ages: spring is the season full of aura, the earth at this time, Zhangjiajie landscape, full of vitality, full of yearning, it is each mountain, each a ditch, are holding a colourful flower, is expressed on the visitors welcome, more is the expression of a kind of life artistic conception; summer, air expansion desires season, Zhangjiajie is now the landscape, full of fantasy, full of temptation, it 's every tree and bush, a leaf, a drop of diarrhea all green life, decorated with every mountain, contains the life dream and pursuit; Autumn Moon Festival, is the harvest season, Zhangjiajie is now the landscape, as to the deep, as filled with stable, its mountains and ravines, which, in the green shade of flash fire leaves, and describe the enthusiasm, sings the maturity and Ben put; winter, is romantic themes poetic season, Zhangjiajie is now the landscape, the cold was the warmth in the boundless, full of vigor, its a pinnacle, its individual Yan-song, is a pure world, they are tall, stately and handsome as burning, lead to Tourists with passion, and the snow covered Creek, water in the emotional singing, like the hearts of lovers song, the most easy to touch love heart. I love Zhangjiajie four seasons scenery, but I love the winter in Zhangjiajie, I love Zhangjiajie in the winter and the landscape of dialogue, I love in the winter to Zhangjiajie's landscape to swim, to an idea!

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