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Mysterious poison

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  An earthenware crock or porcelain altar, utensils, filled with poisonous snake, centipede, scorpion, frog, wasp, moths, silkworm, such as ants hundreds, because of its big worms 's sake, and uses a woman menstrual stimulation and feeding, incorporates a poly 100 poison in a body the poisonous king, the poisonous king dry ground into powder, which became a named " poison ".


  With this poison people, put the poison is placed in the well, or mountain rock beside the road, without the knowledge of the alien people pass by, in contact with the poison will poisoning; there is a fingers dipped by poison, people do not pay attention to other people's food, shot a snapping of fingers, that eating this food. People will harm to onset. This disease is light, stomach, worms, suction gastrointestinal nutrition, make people become as emaciated as a fowl; severe pain, and endanger life. But only the living people, mostly older women, folk called it " Gu po ".


  In Xiangxi, where in the central region, used to have this terrible Fanggu custom. According to historical records, and in fact, thousands of years ago already have, throughout the Central Plains region, Fanggu bewitch Po is also not only in Xiangxi. Poison is poison pills, killer nature inevitably subject to strict punishment. Qin Han period, laws and also provides, on Fanggu are abandoned the city, genocide, severe punishment. But in Xiangxi, because the distant, the law can't be remote and a mountainous area people, plus Fanggu behavior are very subtle, which mingled with many mysterious witchcraft components, thus Fanggu this old customs have been handed down.


  Xiangxi Fanggu custom, on the eve of the founding of new China there have been. I was listening to the village of an old woman about such a story. A village of Miao people of both sexes, from childhood sweetheart, love each other and get married. The man would be a veterinarian, seasons of the year in four the left. Because of the frequent outside, is to chase after loose women. A few years later, the man and the other a young woman friend, and often did not come home. His wife found her husband was having an affair, beginning tried to discourage, her husband would not listen to them, also presents a divorce. His wife had to coax him, then said: " you want a divorce, I won't stop you. Today I offer you a glass of wine, if you can change one's mind about, still may you come back to me. " Then, he poured a cup of wine to the bottle of medicine husband drank. The husband drink this wine, imperceptibly to the poison, to local had gone soon made a disease. Later, the man knew he was the poison, had to break up with the stranger and the woman out, returned to his wife's side. Wife to forgive him, gave him the antidote, his illness can well. After that, the man was afraid to his wife to divorce the two relations, finally reconciled, until a hundred years. Like the woman to her husband and still under relatively mild, severe intoxication, is said to be life is very.


  Poison as a revenge or coerce control tool, used properly, or can get some benefits; not properly used, may do harm to Fanggu themselves. Therefore, manufacturing Gu Gu Po, general reputation not how good. In particular, he is sick or dead after a severe, often suspected of curses. When his wife, even though the wronged, and 100 export hard, only patience, she put the poison, disease caused her and antidote can detoxification, even she cannot make the dead come back to life. Is not her, she can't make a convincing explanation.


  Xiangxi Fanggu customs, after the founding of new China has been as superstition to ban. Now, in those remote copycat, if there is such strange customs preservation are also hard to say. However, as a kind of mysterious culture phenomenon, Xiangxi Fanggu and handler, it is can attract visitors curious eye. Therefore, for Fanggu various rumors and practice, is also worthy of the people for deep research and exploration.

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