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Literature and Tourism

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  Literary tourism wings.


  zhangjiajie renowned at home and abroad, is the earliest literature as she can fly. It is 70 time end, painter Wu Guanzhong in " Hunan daily " supplement published an essay " raised in purdah did not know ", people raised the zhangjiajie charming veil. Then, the government of Hunan province for the development of the tourism sites, please, chairman of the Hunan Federation of literary and art circles the old writer Kang Zhuo planning Wulingyuan pen, the b y, Guo fan, quartz and a number of essays you invited to this magical land, after zhangjiajie, Wulingyuan, the name, frequently in all parts of the country's newspapers and magazines the.


  Literature, helping Zhangjiajie to fly.


  These years, more famous Chinese and foreign people, in this land to write with the scenery here Tong-hui works; there are also some unknown author, wrote and the land can compare favorably with the literature quality of scenic. Therefore, we would like to thank the land. Is this land, gave us literature with enough nutrients; is this land, gave us a literary flourish sunshine and rain. This piece of land, but also gave birth to a number of native writers. It can be predicted, because the land, there will be more people from this land to grow up. So I have to say, either from traveling or literary sense, comrade Xiang Yongxin chooses the " Zhangjiajie travels to choose ", have the extremely important meaning.


  Borrow this opportunity, I also emphasize one point: literature is a kind of tourism resources. As the former residence of Shen Congwen, is now in our province tourism hot line. People go to the Phoenix, to the beauty of the small town, but also to town looking for the border town of literary dream, looking for Shen Congwen in his works and shadow. Such as the poetry wall, it was a city of the most beautiful scenery line, its beauty lies not in the scenery poem, is the meaning and cultural connotation. In our country, and even abroad, many literary celebrity home or related objects, it is a very important tourist attractions. Go to Paris, do not go searching for Hugo 's footprints; go to Russia, not reminiscent of Pushkin's poetic passion. Literature is the main part of tourism culture, can not have culture, cultural tourism is no life. Therefore, comrade Xiang Yongxin selected works, its meaning is bidirectional.


  Zhangjiajie is a scenic masterpiece, is also a literature rich soil. However, the literature is in need of accumulation. Comrade Xiang Yongxin's selected works, in fact is a kind of work; literature needs to create, more need to accumulate. Accumulation and the tower mountain, accumulation and the rivers into the sea. Accumulation of work is complicated and great. Accumulation of work we need and eye, need to sacrifice and dedication, but also need all the atmosphere and understanding author.

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