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Step on the threshold

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  Sedan in the groom's door stops, bride cited mother helped out of the car. When crossed the threshold, the bride from the mother 's arm, with their feet to the husband the door threshold jam on the tripod, stepped on the threshold " Dong Dong Dong " straight ring.


  " Threshold" in Tujia customs is a symbol of power and the bride, " step on the threshold " ceremony, containing the contempt of patriarchy, placed the soles of the feet of the meaning, also includes elevation feminist, for freedom the right of independence. Legend has it that if the bride is not " step on the threshold ", in the husband will subject to a lifetime of bullying, could not lift up. This custom when is the matriarchal society of the original to the original patriarchal society of the development process of a residual " matriarchal " conscious reflection.

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