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Tujia initials

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  Tujia folk custom of Tujia statute, typical of much with prompt meaning, in different places and standard, its meaning is different. As in the fork of the standard, means that the road has been walking, you can safely go. In the mountain before the temple or temple lost a standard, to express the respect and a prayer for the land, the land bless yourself may you be safe throughout the journey or bless the day of safety.


  In the deep valleys, standard remind you here viper, be careful. On the branches of the standard, indicates that the tree not to cut down, or expressed here for the mountain area. In the intersection of standard, that has not yet been harvested crops, said it has the Lord, don't move. Side drain in a standard in the field, that is with water, do not plug. Not far away in distance ray cellular standard, it means people have to find, do not move it.

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