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  Tujia region of a social custom. Tujia people Zouqinfangyou, both men and women, old and young, all dressed in neat, new clothes on new clothes to a set, this is the respect for the masters, if Gaki Kazu ( birth, marriage, married women, housing, birthday ), before the door, to set off firecrackers to tell, the firecrackers to greet. Every move, regardless of their elders to see the younger generation or younger see elders and peers to meet, all take a gift, the gift table regardless of severity, heart. After taking the door, first to their elders to the elders say hello, give seat to sit. If unmarried son-in-law saw his father-in-law, shall come, and as a gift. Birthday, children grandchildren must kowtow birthday. Formerly, wealthy investors. " The letter ", send for the custom, to prepare a " letter ", the book for the name, occupation, identity, the door to submit their family to send report, without the owner's permission, may enter.

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