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Embroidered shoes

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  Tujia, Miao women in traditional cloth shoes. Tujia women's shoe with green, blue, pink silk, welt roll book edge, pick " dog teeth " pattern, front toes with a variety of colored silk embroidered flowers, animal motifs, are generally " plum bloom ", "the story of Qiu put color ", " love duel ", " Butterfly fly ", " the bees volant ", " Dragonfly water".


  When the Tujia girl grow up to fourteen at the age of five, he followed the big sisters learn embroidery, embroidered shoes into Tujia girl a labor practices, also became a sign of one's ability and cleverness show girl. The Miao women's embroidered tip opening, followed by the ear. Also known as a " half shoe" person, the cloth used colored Satin laced, natural pattern, and the appearance of abnormal.

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