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Wulingyuan District

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  Wulingyuan district is located in the central city of zhangjiajie, hotel water upstream, is a national key scenic spots. Located in the east by 110°22'30 " to 110041'15 ", " 29016' 25 north latitude and 29 ° 24'25 ". South Yongding District, northeast, North and west respectively, adjacent Cili county and Sangzhi county.


  In May 18, 1988, the State Council approved the establishment of the Wulingyuan administrative region, designated under the former Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture County big Yong City in Lake Township, Union Township, zhangjiajie national Forest Park and Sangzhi County town of Tianzishan and attached to the original Changde city Cili county cable Creek Valley town of for Wulingyuan administrative area, the District People's Government in the army of Suoxi Valley floor. Whole area gross area 397 square kilometers, the thing grows 31 kilometers, 15.5 kilometers wide north-south. Administer of Suoxi Valley, mountain town, township, Union Township in two countryside two town and country of zhangjiajie Forest Park, a total of 14 neighborhood committees, 28 village, 385 villagers groups, the total population of 45000 people. Soil family, seedling, white and other 6 ethnic groups, of which the Tujia as main, minority population occupies the 93.4%.


  Wulingyuan area because of Tourism Zone, rely on tourism to promote area. Tourism development began in 1978. Build an area 10 years, area appoint, district government adhere to the " tourism starts a division" the strategy, in order to "make Zhangjiajie construction to become well-known domestic and foreign tourism resorts " as the goal, make full use of tourism resources, tourism industry has been rapid development.

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