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martial arts

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  The martial arts has a long history, has a long history. These " barbarians" in the primitive society live in dense forests in the deep mountains, to hunting, often dealing with the beast. In order to survive and get from foreign enemy invasion, in area, so the warrior.


  According to " Yongding Local Records " record: Yongding Bao temple, light years, more people of good chi Yong, can the enemy dozens. More than Shiwan names, in Yongding granted fist Sambo two, namely Zhang Cibao, Zhou Fubao, Zheng 221002, Zhang Ge, Chen sands. Later, "Sambo, two will be " the one side will boxing in Xiangxi Tujia copycat and teach.


  In 26 years ( 1937) March, the government of Hunan province indicates the counties established martial arts museum. The provincial government appointed Wu Chengming as the Kenosha county (now Yongding District) martial arts museum curator, Dai Zong, Wu along as a director. In June, for urban and rural youth 60 into the hall of training, do not charge tuition fees, in the early morning two hours of training, learning boxing, stick, knife, gun, time of 6 months, after the director instructors return, martial arts museum closed. The war of resistance against Japan after the start of " saving the nation, in martial arts " under the slogan, the provincial government commissioned Liu Xiangshan, Liao Kun, Li Fuyun to teach the I officer, Wu Guoxiong as assistant to county, training in wushu. The county government decided: l who participate in martial arts learning, avoid smoke Zhuang l D. Of 40 students, tuition fee 30 yuan each, are I in the meal, uniform clothing style, graduating a year, l is located in the Catholic Church, in the early morning of military training, I day to teach Tai Chi, a knife, knife, sword, or gossip, wrestling and other personal or collective, night man, ten months of graduation. Magistrate Cheng Weizhen will be participants assigned to each township people's organization and training, due to Cheng County moved ceased.


  martial arts is still loved the people of all ethnic groups of the traditional sports project, whenever the or festival, Dayong people like boxing, dancing, combined with the lion dance, to carry out some martial arts activities and competitions. Dayong martial arts have local Tujia boxing, Shaolin, Wudang, there also, Nanquan, Northern-Style type, moves is various, unique.


  The Eleven 3 in after plenary meeting, Dayong martial arts development more generally, the emergence of a number of martial arts talents. Its repertoire moves to take the " four ", and on the " pin" pile, suitable for a perilous peak, desperate fighting. Martial arts equipment have: kneeling sheep ruler, eight feet, when the ruler, a ruler, stick, stick, single head double stick, two sticks, three section staff, even a stick, nine tooth harrow rake, retaining, mace, sword, gun, knife, Shuangfeng Yan and meteor, tiger hook, the three branches meteor hammer, griddle, ladder, star anise, aloes turn turn, sleeve fork, Samsung needle sleeve arrows, crossbow, comb, this day, palace, nose and eye catching, cuff, nine serial, bench, graph, suspending, side needle pipe bands such as lance. Dayong people of all ethnic groups, to violence to protect yourself, prevent from penetrating the beasts, has since the ancient times the martial arts culture.


  In recent years, China emerged in a number of martial arts talents, such as Zhou Lanfang won the 1981 provincial Martial Arts Tournament long weapon ( harrow ) winning prize. 1981 April held in Shenyang to participate in the National Martial Arts Exhibition Conference, performing nunchakus, won awards and prizes. Tian Yunfu in 1981 in the province's martial arts contest won adult men Boxing ( Liuhe Quan ) winning prize. Huang Dejun in 1984 in Hunan province in the first martial arts competitions held in Tianmen broadsword, " Samsung needle, the first three; in October of the same year, attended the Hunan province held in Changde second workers and martial arts competition, and obtains the gold medal in 1985 July, Tianmen broadsword; organization of martial arts training drill in formation, in the Autonomous Prefecture of the fifth games, Martial Arts Tournament achieved thirteen gold medals; the second half of 1987, self-study entered Wuhan Sports Institute martial arts study two years, obtained through level warrior level two certificate.

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